AV PC page

Sound page


Open SongShow Plus

1: Shows the current songs and all verses for that song (even if they are not going to show)

2: Shows the current verse on screen

3: The search window to add more songs and scripture (another tutorial will show you how)

4: The program for the service

Opening a preset program

1: File

2: Open Program

Find the right one for the service and Open


1: The program section allows you to see the whole service, you can expand a song by clicking the second (smaller) arrow

2: You can also click the arrow in the square to go to any slide

3: To move to the next slide sequentially click the first right arrow at the top

When a song is selected you will see it in both top two windows

The Title page will always show before a song so that those using a Hymn book can see the next song number

Sermon AM and PM slide

Scripture Slide

Choosing next slide