(for sound go here, for SongShow Plus here)

The Apps

Open:   Chrome, OBS Studio and Voicemeter Banana

Voicemeter Banana

Voicemeter Banana needs to run for the ceiling mics to get to OBS Studio (Livestream)

Once open, minimise it

OBS Studio

OBS Studio runs the livestream to Facebook (or YouTube if required)

Chrome – Facebook

Use Chrome to open the RC Hastings Facebook

Click:  Live Video

Use stream key


Go to OBS Studio and click:  Settings

Click: ‘Stream’ in the left menu

paste the stream key  (Control V)

then:  OK

In OBS Studio click:  Start Streaming

Wait 10 seconds and the video should appear in the small Chrome window

1. Make sure ‘Friends’ is selected

2. Go Live (5 minutes before the service starts to give everyone time to join

Click: Go Live

Live Streaming

During live streaming keep an eye on the Video window & Comments

To end Live Video, click:   End Live Video


Do not delete the video, just close the window

In OBS Studio click:  Stop Streaming   (delay not required)

Microphone selections during the service

During congregational singing 

unmute:  Ceiling mic

mute: Mixer mic

When the lecturn mic or lapel mic are being used

mute:  Ceiling mic

unmute: Mixer mic

Camera Zoom

Aver sets the camera direction and zoom

Use the remote to select the position

Login with credentials

Camera Presets

1. Full auditorium

2. Pulpit

3. Lecturn

5. Flowers

6. Stage left


To select camera presets use the remote

e.g. preset 2 for the pulpit:

Preset 1 – Full auditorium
Preset 2 – Pulpit
Preset 3 – Lecturn
Preset 5 – Flowers
Use during the collection
Preset 6 – Stage Left
Use during baptisms, POF, presentations